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쉬어가는 노래_컨셉샷2_small.jpg

Song of Rest (2020)

"Song of Rest" is the first single album of a musician group, "Bridge Bride".

This is the hand-drawn album art illustration of "Song of Rest".

"Song of Rest" is the first single album of "Bridge Bride", a musical group consisting of a vocalist and a composer-player. They intended to present a relaxing image with two little girls that look like their childhood, two sheep, and a tree of life from the bible. 

Color pencils, Children's watercolor were mainly used and acrylic was partially added on. 

쉬어가는 노래_컨셉샷1_small.jpg
쉬어가는 노래_컨셉샷2_small.jpg

Full size of final photographs

쉬어가는 노래_앨범 아트_고화질.jpg

The complete square size of album art 

Song of Rest

쉬어가는 노래

song of Rest

불러야만 해

I must sing it

내가 나를 느낄 수 있게

so that you can feel me

아득히 먼 곳에 두고 온 나를

This is a song you sing, coming back to me

이제는 제자리로 돌아와 부르는 노래

whom you had left to infinity

솔직한 목소리로 um

with honest voice um

한 음 한 음 모자라지 않게

note by note to be enough

누구도 빼앗지 못하는 내 맘 속에

in my mind who can not steal

숨겨 놓을거야

I will hide

쉬어가는 노래를

the song of rest

조금은 느리지만

a little bit slow but

사랑했던 순간들이

the moments that I loved

내겐 의미있는 쉼이었다

were meaningful rest

말해준 노래

the song that told me that

언젠가 이 노래의 마지막 순간이 오면

when the last moment of this song comes

나의 시작은 항상 사랑이라

the song would let me know

알게 해주는 노래

my beginning is always love

라라라라 라라라 라라라라 라라

lalalala lalala lalalala lalala

쉬어가는 노래_1_배경.jpg
쉬어가는 노래_2_small.jpg
쉬어가는 노래_3.jpg

Three rejected album images made previously

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