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Obill Duckliam2.jpg

Obill Duckliam (2019-)

A duck model character that works as Roda's muse. Obill travels and hangs out with Roda, taking daily photos. His twinkling huge eyes and long bill are outstanding attractions. If you want to cast him as a model, please contact Roda.

"Hi! this is Roda. 
Were you surprised because Roda showed up out of nowhere?
Lol I get you xD
I am here to introduce you to my fascinating friend, Obill Duckliam!
I encountered him casually at a burger bar in Berkeley in 2018.
He was working as a bartender. I remember his sparkling clear eyes
which seemed to show his pure spirit transparently.
He said he dreams of being a model who can hearten other people.
But unfortunately, he had slipped down from almost all model auditions, even if he made efforts for 10 years! Well, I asked him to be my muse.
He was like “SURE!” I am taking his daily photos and sharing them with SNS.

Our life is not flashy. We still enjoy trivial and dorky life with fleeting hilarious moments. If we can please you by sharing our small story from our photos, that will be the best experience for us!!

Okay! Obill just arrived to have some talk with me. Let's go!"

Obill Duckliam1.jpg

Roda: Look it, do you remember where we were at?

Obill: Sure. We were at the cafe in Cambodia.
          But I don't remember what I got there.

Roda: Oh Damn!! Did you forget?! You got ice cream.

Obill: Oh yes yes it was, it was. Was that.. Mango flavor?

Roda: Maybe coconut. 

Obill: There was a beautiful pool outside of the cafe. It could've been 
          much better if I could jump into the water.

Roda: The weather was so hot for you, right? When it comes to taking       
           photos, it was tough for me as well, because you melted down
           and didn't want to take photos, man.

Obill: Haha I was sorry. I didn't mean to. It was too humid!
          Anyway, you captured a good one at the restaurant. A/C paid off. 

Roda: I can tell it worked perfectly. Your eyes were shining more than
           any other stars. You got alive, huh?

Obill: I was REBORN.


Obill Duckliam4_edited.jpg

Roda: There you go! This was when we met for the first time.

Obill: Dang, I should have asked off day to my boss at that time.

Roda: What the

Obill: I am just kidding lol

Roda: What did you think when I suggested you be my muse?

Obill: I thought you were a.. crazy pervert girl.

Roda: ?? Excuse me?

Obill: LMAO I am just joking.

Roda: BTW what was the one you were making for me?

Obill: Ah, it was Motherf****r. 

Roda: ...


Obill Duckliam2_edited.jpg

Roda: What were you thinking about at that moment?

Obill: I was thinking about what to eat for dinner. Exemplary!

Roda: Oh yeah, that is a profound and imperative thing to consider.
           But I thought you were making new year's resolutions. 

Obill: That was November, Roda. Isn't it too early?

Roda: Because you are a productive diligent duck with fruitful bravery.

Obill: Um.. sir, with all due respect... I am lazy.

Roda: Okay, that doesn't matter. I really loved your scene with sunlighting
           reflected on your face.

Obill: Thank you. 

Roda: Thanks to my amazing photo shooting.

Obill: Thanks to my face.


Obill Duckliam3_edited.jpg

Obill: Hey, I thought you deleted it. Looking ugly!

Roda: What are you talking about. That's just how you look like.

Obill: Okay I admit I was ugly at that time.

Roda: You even smelled you know?

Obill: Uh what? Do you mean the combination of foot odor and
          wet doggy smell from the room?

Roda: Woww, Exactly! So impressive. You remember your exact smell.
           It is just interesting that you did not notice that was yours! lol

Obill: No man, I thought that was you.

Roda: It was certainly you.

Obill: Whatever.


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